Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Brew Lounge is going to Boston, MA

The Brew Lounge is on the road again. This time the Boston beer market is on the agenda.

I've been to Boston many times before and still have not been to a game at Fenway Park. That may finally change. My (better) beer drinking escapades in Boston began in 1992 at Boston Beer Works near Fenway Park.

So, I may be able to kill a couple of birds with one stone this time. (The Yankees are in town to play the Red Sox at Fenway....oh yeah!) There have also been several other beer joints that I've been to in the past and will try to get to again. Then, there are some new ones that I will attempt to hit this time as well.

Patty and I will head up there on Saturday May 20th and I will be staying through Thursday for work. So, that's something like 5 nights total, including a couple of weekend days.

My questions to all of you are: Take a look at my list below, would you highly recommend or not recommend any that I have listed?; Are there any quality spots that I have missed?; Do any of you live in the Boston area and want to meet up for a barley and hops beverage? (alphabetical listing)

Definites Beer Works/Fenway Brasserie Jo Cambridge Brewing Co. Red Bones The Linwood Grill The Publick House The Good Beer Guide to New England book launch at Harpoon Brewery
Outside Chance Harpoon Tour Mike's Restaurant Penguin Pizza Rudy's Cafe Sam Adams Tour Watch City Brewing Co.


Adam said...

I've never been to Boston. I say go to all of them.

Does that help? ;-)

Bryan Kolesar said...

I have a new acronym: WWAD
What Would Adam Do

That makes it easier ;-)