Monday, March 17, 2008

Philly Beer Week Index

With PBW 2008 now behind us, I'm bumping this "index" to the top of the page for the next week. I'll be taking some time off to recover, both physically and mentally. Until then, catch up with some of what you may have missed during Philly Beer Week. God help you if you actually tried to read all of this stuff as I posted it every day and night.

My hope is that we'll be able to dig this out next year and refer back to it as we plan for PBW 2009. Will it be another IMPERIAL Philly Beer Week like this year?

With Philly Beer Week fast approaching, you should have noticed by now that I have been putting together profiles of local breweries and brewpubs every few days or so. For some of you locals, much of what you read in the profiles may not be new news. But, hopefully for those of you a little farther out (geographically, I mean), whether you are attending a PBW event or not, this information may be helpful....especially, the list at the bottom of each profile of "Where you can find during PBW."

I'll keep an index here of PBW-related topics at The Brew Lounge, as well as a link to various forms of PBW calendars that are floating around out there.

Daily Events & Where to find The Brew Lounge & Post-Mortem Wrap-ups
Friday, March 7th; Day 1 Wrap-Up
Saturday, March 8th; Day 2 Wrap-Up
Sunday, March 9th; Day 3 Wrap-Up
Monday, March 10th; Day 4 Wrap-Up
Tuesday, March 11th; Day 5 Wrap-Up

Mid-Term Report

Wednesday, March 12th; Day 6 Wrap-Up
Thursday, March 13th; Day 7 Wrap-Up
Friday, March 14th; Day 8 Wrap-Up
Saturday, March 15th; Day 9 Wrap-Up
Sunday, March 16th; Day 10 Wrap-Up

End of Session Wrap-Up

Run Philly Beer Run - Updated 3/4/08
Rain Date Invoked for Beer Run - Updated 3/8/08
Real Ale Cask List Finalized - Updated 3/13/08

Dock Street Brewery & Restaurant [Profile]
Flying Fish Brewing Company [Profile]
General Lafayette Inn & Brewery [Profile]
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant [Profile]
Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant [Profile]
Nodding Head Brewery [Profile]
Philadelphia Brewing Co. [Profile]
Sly Fox Brewing Co. [Profile]
Stoudt's Brewing Co. [Profile]
Triumph Brewing Co. [Profile]
Victory Brewing Co. [Profile]
Yards Brewing Co. [Profile]

11 more brewery profiles from the Philly Region

A Profile of Joe Sixpack

Official Philly Beer Week Calendar
The Brew Lounge's spreadsheet-formatted PBW Calendar
The Beer Yard's PBW Calendar
Google-based PBW Calendar (thanks to David)
Event Details for March 12th @ TJ's in Paoli, PA
Running for Beer...A Beer Run on March 8th from the Art Museum to Dock Street Brewery

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