Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gotta Take the Good with The Bad

This was a great quote from a movie I watched while laid up the other day. While I wondered what to do with some of this disheartening material that I've read over the past several days, the quote reminded me that, as in all of life, there'll always be some bad to balance out the good. I figure as long as the world of better beer continues to grow in quality and interest, we can take some of the bad too. Price Gouging - if it wasn't prevalent before (likely), it is bound to become more so (more likely)...but we also have folks, like Andy, diligently watching now to put bar owner, wholesalers, and distributors on notice Sobering Numbers - Bill Brand reminds us that no matter how many friends you surround yourself with that drink the beer you drink and make their own beer, this country (world?) has a long, long way to go to realizing that most of the beers on these lists have such little taste and character Help Yourself...why, thank you - But then Stan digs up a new place for me to look for next time I'm in the Atlanta area...if you can tear me from my seat at Brick Store Pub. Though, I haven't verified the quality of tap handles at this sports bar joint. Cleanup in Aisle 24 - And Jack reports progress made in potential Pennsylvania approval for beer in grocery stores Another BJCP category - Finally, Vinnie gives his suggestion for another uniquely American beer category. I believe that puts today's score in favor of the good guys. More to come, I'm sure.


Kevin said...

Bryan, I actually hate this quote because it means you are not good enough to only take the good. It is a quote that I hear from higher ups in my company for keeping single accounts that lose money because we need to keep all of a company's accounts. What I take from it is that we are not doing a good enough job in all of the accounts so we cannot ask for an increase in single accounts and cannot drop the acounts because we are tied to so many others. But maybe this is the sobering(no pun intended) reality of your post. As good as we are doing there is a lot more work to be done in promoting good beer and not accepting bad beer.

Also, no matter how you feel about beer sold for take out in Wegman's you have to agree that having a beer while out food shopping would be great.


Bryan Kolesar said...

OH, whoa! I guess when I go back and re-read, I can see how you're reading it. My perception are:

1) bad
2) bad
3) good
4) good
5) good

Hope that clears things up :)

Kevin said...

I just meant the quote and was playing it safe with the whole beer supermarket thing because I know people are sensitive about that issue.

Adam said...

So what your saying is that you hate beer sold in supermarkets ;-) Ok...ok..just kidding!

Awesome pictures from Russian River eh?

By the way I just had two Coors Lights with Easter Dinner. I'm feelin' kinda guilty, but, they did wash it down pretty good. All fizzy & light with practically no competing flavors. Can I consider this a confession?

Thanks for the quick hits post. Hope your feelin' better. Think about those hops sprouting up this spring :-)