Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Potpourrific Catch-up

While I've been away, I've collected a few things to share with you. During Philly Beer Week, I came across some new friends whose sites need to be shared with you: - Kevin of CaskAleKev; bringing you all the current cask ale in the Delaware Valley. Is he missing something? Let him know. He's working to make this into Cask Central for the area. - Andrew & Joe of Philly Beer Club; bringing you the sights and tastes of Local Philly Beer. Plus, a great group picture taken at Dock Street of the first running group to arrive after last Saturday's (inaugural) Philly Beer Run. - Dr. Joel of The Grain Bill blog; bringing you more of the written word, but also audio (check out the Adam Avery interview), of the Philly Brewing Scene I've also come across some exciting and, unfortunately, some disturbing news: - Jay reports on some unsettling news coming out of California. Seriously, I thought Cal-ee-forn-i-a is where I'd find all of the cool and sensible folk in this country. Get a grip guys. I'll be following this story closely. - Good things continue to happen at Russian River, according to Vinnie. Looks like a trip to, where was that again?, Cal-ee-forn-i-a will be in order if some of these bottles don't make it to Penn-syl-van-i-a. (why do I keep doing this?)... - ...Oh, and check out the related pictures that Jay posted. - Don posted a link to a freakin' hilarious YouTube video about Jesus Beer, which contains a character that looks an awful lot like my cousin, but that doesn't concern you! Don't know where it came from and didn't bother to check it I send you there to see it for yourself. - Our fine lass, Suzy, has done a yeowoman's job in catching up with all of her missed writings over the past two weeks in just the past couple of days. Go get caught up with her and give her a pat on the back, and liver, for a job well done. - hm, there's more around here somewhere, but that's all the scraps of paper that I can find right now.....go digest all of this for now...I'll be back with more later, after I finish off this Local 1 from Brooklyn - Church Brew Works and John Harvard's, both in Pittsburgh, are celebrating their 1000th brews, with an Amarillo Black Ale and Trippel, respectively - Union Barrel Works has an upcoming dinner on April to be announced soon.

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