Friday, March 14, 2008

PBW 2008 - Who Is Steve Robeson?

Since I played the suburban sissy and went home early last night, I'm relying on the good lass, Suzy, for notes from her perspective on the Philly Beer Geek championships at Johnny Brenda's. She's not had much waking time (at least quiet and coherent time) to write on her own site, so I'm honored that she took the time to write this for all of you here. This may get posted on the official site eventually, but 'til then hear what she has to say. Enjoy...

Steve Robeson truly is Philly's Beer Geek. Jason Harris said it best with "We're all Philly Beer Geeks." It's true everyone in the room could admit such. Steve, a Telford native, is a regular at Iron Hill in North Wales. He is BJCP certified and an avid homebrewer. I actually don't know what he does for a paycheck, but it should be stand up comedy.

Beer Geeks were selected based on their beer knowledge including technical and pop culture questions, their ability to tell a beer joke, take a beer out on a date, and general enthusiasm and pride for beer as it relates to Philadelphia.

There was also an open forum question that the judges could ask the contestants. I asked Steve to pair a three course meal with local beers. Unfortunately they ran short on time, and had to omit the tasting portion.

Carolyn Smagalski and Jason Harris were great hosts and were much more organized than I could've been. The panel of judges were a humorous and seasoned group for the most part (I've only been in the scene for 5 years now). Bruce Williams of Scotland was hysterical. And I think he was in love with Dell until Dell blew the joke portion of the event.

The Rolling Boil Blues Band was a great end to the night, as Tom Dalldorf of Celebrator and his crew sand spoof songs about our favorite beverage. Johnny Brenda's was the ideal venue (it always is;) for the Beer Geek competition.

Some of the questions included..
1. What mashing procedure is typically done by German Brewers
2. How many notches does a standard 26 mm crown have?
3. Young and old lambics blended together are called?

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