Saturday, March 08, 2008

We're still running for beer, just Not Today

Wowzy! We are thrilled that around 70 of you have now replied to this Philly Beer Fun Run. This gives us more ideas for how we can expand on this concept next year. It's great to see that so many of you take your physical fitness as seriously as you do your love for well-crafted beer.

But, fellow runners and beer lovers, as much as it pains us to say this, we must. For the past 72 hours now, the weather forecast for today has been consistent, calling for at least an 80% chance of rain. Earlier this week, it was due to be dry, but chilly. Now, it's looking to be warmer, but stormy. If it was just showers we'd say, On On! But, with the words "torrential", "possible flooding", and (worst) "thunderstorms" we can't in good conscience lead you out on this run. (see: )

Dock Street has graciously said that they'll accommodate us instead next Saturday, 3/15, if we'd like to still do it then. So, next Saturday it is. Those of you who have already replied are on a distribution list and have received details. If you've already replied, there's nothing more to do. Except show up next Saturday at 10am. We'll get started around 10:30am. Yes, we've moved the time up to make room for the MJ Tasting at Penn in the afternoon.

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