Friday, March 28, 2008

Gettin' Rustic in the West Village

Some of the woodwork at Blind Tiger Ale House comes from New England. So, it makes some sense that they put together a little Tuesday & Wednesday Vermont-themed event with these fine breweries and plenty of good cheese (surprised?!) from the state of Freedom and Unity. Here's a rundown of just some of what they were serving. And yet again, plenty of strange looks as I brought a plate full of cheese onto the train (again, "no sir, the service car is not having a wine and cheese event!") Alchemist - first time for me; the Beelzebub Impy Stout (chocolatey) and Heady Topper (great hops, malt too) were so very nice. Though, I was a bit confused and put off by the overly grape-ness of the Bacchus Wild Grape Ale (grapey yes, but not so wild in the way in which I was expecting) American Flatbread - only had these guys previously at Ommegang's BCTC; Paul's a great guy/brewer and my tasting of his Wheat IPA (the 'Centennial') was one of the softest, easiest IPAs ever tasted Long Trail - got lost in the shuffle, skipped Magic Hat - had too many of these in the past, so skipped as well McNeill's - wow! fortunately, well-traveled, beer loving Rich sitting next to me suggested I try any of them...he's had them all...he wasn't wrong. The Imperial Stout (quite nice and dry, roasty, yet somehow rich feeling too), the Pullman's Porter (a perfect porter? pretty close) were very nice. Unfortunately, the ESB was kicked and I had no room for the scotch, the amber, or the IPA. Keeping these guys on my radar for sure. Otter Creek - the gravity poured baltic porter looked great, but only from afar....ggrrrr Wolaver - love finding organic beers, but alas not this time Did I mention the randal-poured 90 minute from Dogfish was also on tap?! Also, Weihenstephaner Weisse, Ommegang Witte, and Bear Republic Racer 5. Too bad.

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