Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Podcasting Alert: Pacific Brew News & Craft Beer Radio

Is Rick Sellers in cahoots with Philly Beer Week 2008? Take a listen to the first 20 minutes of the latest episode of Pacific Brew News. If you have doubts about the Philadelphia region's greatness in the beer world, take a listen to this guy (who has a pretty impressive resume, by the way, and a damn good guy who just happens to live a few thousand miles away) wax poetic about our great beer city/region. After gushing the likes of which I've rarely heard (even by locals), he got on to the next 35 minutes or so of describing where he visited. He stopped in at 18 different places, including Nodding Head, Good Dog, McGlinchey's, Jose Pistola's, McGillin's, Tria, Johnny Brenda's, Grey Lodge, 700 Club, The Foodery, The Abbaye, Standard Tap, Triumph, The Khyber, Monk's Cafe. He also talked about his run-ins with John's Roast Pork (cuz I guy's gotta eat too!), Yards brew crew, Joe Sixpack, Suzanne Woods, Jennie Hatton, Sly Fox canned beer, Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron, Italian Beer Scene via B United, And, you'll notice that considerably less time was spent on New York City. 6th borough, ha!! Congratulations on making the most of your trip to Philly! Hope to see you during Philly Beer Week. ***BABY ALERT*** While I'm on a podcast plugging session, please join me in congratulating another damn fine guy, Jeff Bearer and his wife Heather, on the arrival of their first born. I thought the guy was busy before; it'll be interesting to see how long it is before we hear from him again on Craft Beer Radio. Don't worry Jeff. You take care of the important things and we'll be there for you when you return.

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