Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PBW 2008 - And One Last Word

Jack getting in his last words reminded me that I still had this in the hopper. So, without further ado, I hereby present my last words (promise!) on PBW 2008.

I know, I know...what more could I possibly say that hasn't been said. Let's break it up into two categories: more reactions from around town (check here from the first half of the week's commentary); and my overall impressions and suggestions for a better PBW 2009.

- Who wasn't at the "Kill the Sixtel"? Who wasn't amazed at the efficiency and enthusiasm of the crowd moving through the sixtels from bar to bar

- Utopia at Beaumont's/Monk's Expensive Beer Dinner. Say no more.

- Nice comments came in regarding various events at Jose Pistola's, Aspen Street, Johnny Brenda's, and For Pete's Sake

- Where was Lew when he was due on the mic at Triumph? unanswered questions...

- Speaking of where were.....Where were the shuttles due to get people around town? More than a few people have told me they were looking for them, but couldn't find them even hiding around the corner

- will be posting video recap of the finals night at Johnny Brenda's

- Lot of interest in doing more beer runs

- Bobo from Chimay made quite the splash with guys and gals alike

- Scoats continued with more successful oddball (all affection intended) events

- The Ladies Beer Tea sold out and was a rousing success; no tea to be found, I was told

Sssooooo, how to make next year even better? I give the overall 10 day event, eh, something like a B+, which means there's room for improvement. Here's a few suggestions for how:

- plan, plan, plan, organize, organize, organize...more and sooner

- on the more and sooner point, planning sooner and wrapping in hotel and airline/rail packages can help attract more out-of-towners

- get transportation more involved (SEPTA, complimentary shuttles, historic trolleys, rickshaws, etc.); the area's too big to expect people to get around on their own via bus or cab - more suburbs; include them early and earnestly.

Philly Beer is about way more than just Philly Proper. Plus, not all locals from the hinterlands can get downtown as often as they may like to. Give them the option to do more in the 'burbs. - more diversity; Meet 'n' Greets and Special Tastings are great, but how about more homebrewing events/competitions (isn't this where many professionals started?), more dinners (aka food/beer pairing events), and more specialty events (I'll leave it at that since I've got some more ideas).

- more promotional creativity (once again, leaving it at that since I've got some unique ideas here too); make people WANT/NEED to take off an entire week of work to attend as much as they possibly can

That said, I'm signing off of PBW until later this year. I had a great time and hope that you all did too.

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