Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Did you listen to Chris LaPierre on The Brewing Network?

Very nice to hear the positive feedback from the TBN crew and their listeners continue into the third week about Chris's interview. Here's something priceless from this past Sunday's show that I just had to transcribe. And, speaking of this week's show, listen (no, I take that back...don't listen...that is, don't listen if you don't want to be doubled over in laughter while driving, working, or handling sharp objects) to this past week's show that Bill Brand participated in (direct link to downloadable MP3). Bill did a very nice wrap-up on his blog over here. Great read on the background of The Brewing Network.
Listener Feedback: "Wanna say thanks for having Chris LaPierre on the show. I'm originally from Pennsylvania and now live in Monterey, CA and it was nice to hear a little bit of home. And, it was also nice to hear directly from the guy who is single-handedly depleting my inheritance; my parents are big fans of Iron Hill Brewery and they go to all of the beer dinners and special events and spend all of their money there. Not only is the beer great, the food is outstanding too. You should to Iron Hill if you make it to Pennsylvania." Justin: "Chris LaPierre saved our ass that week, cuz we had a cancellation and he did the show last minute. And, I've gotten a lot of good feedback from it. So, again, thanks Chris for doing the show from Iron Hill."

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