Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'M BACK - While we were apart

Fortunately, I've not had the venue here for you to hear the profanities of my angst from the last few days. Actually, the venue was still here and I continued to publish stuff that only the e-mail subscribers could get to. But, the site was not available via the WWW. Whatever the heck that means. This was the first tech "incident" at The Brew Lounge since Adam left last year. Now I can poke around and understand the site setup, etc. with the best of the novices...maybe even intermediate illiterates, but this was quite the exercise in understanding http, www, dns, ip, domain, cname, and probably a dozen other words and abbreviations of this great Internet that you don't even realize are important until they're not working correctly. Thanks to Adam for taking some time to help me debug and troubleshoot. It turned out to be a bug/glitch at Google's Blogger where most of the TBL content is hosted. Let's hope the fix they put in won't result in this kind of outage again. Ssssoooooo, while we were apart, many of you missed the following posts that I put up. Here are some handy-dandy links to take you straight to them. Be sure, also, to check out the Philly Beer Week index that I've been keeping up-to-date with some interesting content up there in the (almost) top-right corner. Good to talk with you all again...Cheers! PBW profile of Trimuph Brewing - 3/1 March Anniversaries of Beer - 3/1 Calendar of Beer for March 2008 - 2/29 Tap List at The Drafting Room in Exton, PA - 2/28 What I drank at Blind Tiger Ale House - 2/28 Pictures from Orval - 2/27 24 Hours in Pittsburgh - 2/27

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Adam said...

Whoohoo! Happy to see things worked out. You gotta tell me more about what the deal was.

Had a great time with Del this morning. I'll have a post with pics and video to share @ Beer Bits 2