Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Path To Philly Beer Week 2008 - A Profile of Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant

I admittedly don't know much about the history, people, or beers of Manayunk Brewery. My nephew's girlfriend who worked there probably knows more than I do. (Truthiness is a comforting tenedency of mine.) Ironically, I'd lived in Manayunk during and after college, but moved into Center City before the brewery opened beneath what was then the Manayunk Farmers Market.

Nowadays I often find myself avoiding the Schuylkill Expressway and heading out to the western suburbs from Center City via Manayunk. The usual line that I pull out is something like: "If there's an open parking spot on the street in front of the building, then a stop-in is meant to be." More often than not, there are no available parking spots. Funny how fifteen years makes a difference in finding parking in Manayunk.

In any case, when I have been to the brewery, there's usual a couple of beers on tap that pique my interest and the food has also been interesting to make a meal at the restaurant a good move. Pair that with the spacious and comfortable environs and the canal-side deck and you usually have a winning combination. They also carry a limited number of varieties available by the bottle to take home.

As you ready yourself for Philly Beer Week 2008, study up on some background notes on Manayunk Brewery and consider yourself lucky to be part of such a vibrant and rich beer region that PBW 2008 will celebrate.

Name: Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant
Location: 4120 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127
Phone: 215-482-8220

Harry Renner; Founder
Chris Firey (head brewer); Bill Young & Bradley Basile (assistant brewers)

Major Brands
Bohemian Blonde; California Dreamin'; Krook's Mill; Manayunk Lager; Schuylkill Punch; Triple Lindy

English Style India Pale Ale
Bronze, WBC 2002

Best Place to Meet Singles
Main Line Times Reader Choice Awards 2003

Best Brew Pub
Main Line Times Reader Choice Awards 2002
Main Line Life 2006

Best Jazz Brunch
Main Line Times Reader Choice Awards 2004

Best Beer Selection
AOL City Guide 2006
Runner-up; Philadelphia Style Magazine 2006

Best Alfresco Dining
Main Line Today 2006

Draft and 12 ounce bottles at brewpub only

Roughly ?,??? bbls/year

History & Tidbits
  • Textile Mill opened on the location in 1822
  • Current building, opened in 1912 as Krook's Mill, with a cornerstone of the former mill
  • Krook's Mill closed in 1992, making way for the opening of the existing brewery and restaurant in late 1996
  • Outdoor deck expanded in 2003

  • Major Yearly Events
  • Mile of Meet (Valentine's Day)
  • Manayunk Brew Extravaganza (April)

  • Where to Find Manayunk Brewing During Philly Beer Week
  • Joe Sixpack's favorite beers event on the 7th will include their Guest Alt
  • Will attend The Brewer's Plate food pairing event at the Independence Visitor's Center on the 9th
  • Will attend the cask ale festival event at Triumph on the 16th


    Anonymous said...

    This may not be the most lighthearted comment about MB, but it is real. A few years ago the owner, an older gentleman, was in his office on the premises late one night, and was shot and killed.

    Bryan Kolesar said...

    Yes, it is true. Harry's murder was certainly tragic and shocking. I'd weighed whether to include that in the history or not.

    Anonymous said...

    The Brew Pub is a fun place to hang out and have a few beers. (Dont let my girl hear me say its only fun though, I'm the nephew by the way) To my surprise, the food was very good. We split a few kinds of sushi the last time we were there. The time before that I dont remember what I had but it was good. It was too long ago. From what my girlfriend told before I ever stepped foot in the place, I figured it would be a typical drinking scene. Not so. At least not til late night. Stop in for dinner and and maybe a beer or two before it gets loud. The Manayunk lager is pretty good. The one time I had a really good ale but I do not remember the name of it. The Schuykill Punch is just that...a punch. I only had it once and that was enough. Maybe my palate was a little off that night since others have told me that they love it but I just did not care for it.

    Bryan Kolesar said...

    Hey everyone, I have a nephew named anonymous ;-)

    Thanks, anon, for your comments on your experiences at Manayunk.

    Anonymous said...

    i was in a hurry and didn't have time to figure out how to make an account....at times I have been known to be anonymous:-p

    Bryan Kolesar said...

    You owe me a beer for all of this aggravation....back atchya :)

    Anonymous said...

    what were you waiting for me???

    Anonymous said...

    Is this better now that I actually have a name??

    Bryan Kolesar said...

    What are you doing for Philly Beer Week?

    Bryan Kolesar said...

    Ah, now you're on record, ha!

    Anonymous said...

    we definetly need to go out for a beer sometime though.

    Bryan Kolesar said...

    That's the spirit...gonna hold you to it :)

    Anonymous said...

    not sure...I was talking to the lady about it and we are not sure what we are planning. I have some stuff to do this weekend but its all during the day. let me know where your headed besides where the blog said...maybe we can meet up