Monday, March 31, 2008

But What About Victory Over Prohibition Day?

I can only imagine what it was like hanging at Victory's fabled long bar from opening to closing time yesterday (3/30/08).

Other than those oh-so-necessary biological breaks, there was one man (you all know who he is) who filled his usual spot at the end of the bar.

Friends came and friends left; Richard remained. Pipes were donned (video courtesy of Richard hisself), Polaroids were snapped (talk about nostalgia), and serving tanks were drained.

I had my growler filled with Storm King before and also did my part with a Hop Devil and Uncle Teddy's while mingling with the celebratory crowd.

I didn't stay for the locking of the doors, but I'm sure more than enough did with plenty of goosebumps and maybe even a few tears to go around.

According to the sign on the door, take-home beer will still be available to go fresh from the brewery during April. See you soon...

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