Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PBW 2008 - Day 5 Wrap-Up

Day 5 Report

Background: Even God rested. Though, he made it through 6 days before he rested. Then again, he (she?) is God so if I made it 4 days through PBW before taking a breather I should feel okay about that I suppose. Ah, no worries. Come tomorrow morning, we're only halfway and there's still a lot of fun stuff to come.

Where to: What did I do instead? Hm, let's see. Went to the chiropractor, took the dogs for a walk, had a nice dinner at home with Patty, caught up with some desk work, and hit the sack early for a change.

Why: Cuz...I already splained.

What to drink: Water.

Who to share a drink with: I'm leaving that up to all of you out there; we'll catch up with each other real soon.

Reaction: You tell me. What did you do on this fine Day 5 of PBW 2008? Meet 'n' Greets? The Whip Tavern event with J.C.? (not that's not a second biblical reference in one posting!) Tria? There were around 40 events to choose from.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan,
We missed you on the Meet the Brewer's night (as well as any sign of a bus with on/off pass) but here's some stuff you may find on your self-guided tour tonight.

We started at Bishops Collar around 7 but Yards wasn't coming until 9 so we walked up to Bridgid's. We couldn't even get in the door so we turned around and walked to the Belgian Cafe for some Southampton with Phil Markowski. I enjoyed a Double White and Keith had a Bier de Mars and Russian Imperial Stout.
From Fairmount we cabbed to Jose Pistoles to check out the Bell's. I had the Consecrator Doppelbock and Keith enjoyed the Lager of the Lake and was sad there wasn't any barrel aged stuff.
We then took a trip to Tria where Keith tried the Allagash Quad (off the Meet the Brewer path for him due to the fact that he's never seen an Allagash Quad before) and I enjoyed a sample of Kasteel Rouge which might be on my top 10 list now.
We decided we'd had enough and Old City was a bit of a haul and the nice night was getting chillier as the time ticked by so we cabbed back to Fairmount with a cabbie who, through the magic of hands free cellular, filled us in on his entire conversation about thinking he was turning to stone and in major need of a laxative. (But that wasn't nearly as interesting as the possible blind date next to us at Tria).
So we ended our night back at the beginning at Bishop's Collar, Tom Kehoe was there by then but they didn't have any different Yards on than when he wasn't there (nothing was added to their line up) so while Keith enjoyed a Washington Porter and I pined for a Pynk and came up short and instead had a Coke (that I think was a Pepsi).

Here are some beers we spotted but didn't have a chance to sample:
Southampton Saison, Abbot 12, and Grand Cru. Also a Belgian Easter Ale but I can't remember the brewer.
Bridgid's had Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, Boulder Oak Aged Never Summer and some stuff from Breckenridge.
Bells also had a Two Hearted on at Jose Pistoles.
Tria had bottles of Kasteel Donker and all samples were 5 oz in an oversized wine glass.

Say hi to Patti and I'm glad your dogs got a nice walk because mine certainly didn't!
Suzanne P.
Maybe we can reenact this bar crawl when Greg and Paula are in town!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Hey Suzanne! Thanks for the great notes. I don't think you left any stone (heheh!) unturned :) I'm glad to hear you report on the state of the buses/trolleys. I was hopeful that it would be well implemented by the planners and received by the patrons. Unfortunately, it sounds like the former may not have lived up to its billing. I'll be interested to hear more from others. But, you certainly did what you needed to do to get around and you get points for that! And, some very tempting beers in your list as well! See you soon...

Anonymous said...

Was by any chance the Belgian Easter beer from Gouden Carolus with a cute little bunny on the front? If so, that is one fine beer and cool to find it in Philly.

Also, Kasteel Rouge, a really tasty treat.